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The Benefits of Electronic Signatures

With the rise of technology, there is no longer many uses for paper and pen. Now, is a good time to be paperless and adopt electronic signatures.

Data in an electronic form used by the signatory to sign is an electronic signature. If the electronic signature adheres to the requirements of the specific regulation it was created under, then its legal standing is the same as a handwritten signature.

The use of an electronic signature is to authenticate a document quickly with a uniquely identifiable mark without the use of paper and pen. Although there are security concerns, electronic signatures are still being used for legal dealings, business transactions, private affairs, and official government documents.

Below are some of the benefits of electronic signatures.

It simplicity and ease of usage is a benefit of using electronic signatures. It only involves delivering a secure link to the recipient. The process is complete when the recipient signs the document. By just opening a link and clicking a button, you can use electronic signatures.

If you use electronic signature, then you are assured that your document is safer and more secure than traditional paper documents. The security of your electronic signature is seen in that it does not only contain your signature but it also contains information as to who signed the document, where and when it was signed.

There is geographic dispersal in businesses today. It is possible now to deal with different suppliers, customers, and partners in different cities, states, and countries. With electronic signatures, you don’t have to mail print, and scan documents anymore so it is a very convenient solution.

There is a faster turnaround with the convenience of electronic signatures. Everyone can sign off within seconds instead of sending the document by mail to one party, getting them to print, sign, and scan, and then sending it to the next party, and repeating the process down the line. When the situation is time-sensitive, then electronic signatures give a faster turnaround that gives business greater versatility.

Electronic signatures are more cost-effective than traditional pen and paper method. You can save on paper, as well as on postage, mailing supplies and time. These savings add up over the years.

if you are still using traditional pen and paper signatures, then you should consider the benefits of using electronic signatures so that you can easily switch to using it.

Today, it is no longer surprising to see documents needing electronic signatures and so they have already become something common to people.

If you switch to electronic signature today, you will be saving a lot of money of costs of traditional signing methods; so consider switching to electronic signatures today. With electronic signatures you are not ready for bigger and better things for your business.

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