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How to become a Master in Air Hockey

One of the most popular table games today would be air hockey. Though its rules are really simple, the strategies which can be used for it are endless. When you are just new to such game, below would be some tips are effective on winning.

The Triangle Defense

This is considered to be one of the most basic defense tactics. The triangle defense’s purpose would be in intercepting the shots coming from an angle because it is the hardest defense. In order to set the triangle defense, you need to put your hands at a position to where you could move in a triangle. This is because it is a lot easier to defend when you move backward and placing your lead hand in the front of your goal, which should be 2 feet from the center.

The Tracking

This is something that’s self-explanatory, but you need to know how you should track the puck so you will be able to defend against it. When talking about tracking the puck, this means that you need to match the movement of the puck with the mallet. When the puck is coming at you from the right, you should also move your mallet to the right. If it will also go to the left, you need to likewise move your mallet to the left. If this will ever move from the center, consider going back to the center as well. Tracking with the mallet is actually the best way for you to intercept the puck.

The Straight Shot

The straight shot is the simplest shot which you could learn because it is a shot which simply shoots the puck straight towards the goal. A lot of people would usually think that this is the most predictable shot, but it actually comes with its use. The fact that this one is the most predictable type, a lot of people don’t expect you to be using it. Because your opponent have such mindset, you can in fact use this as a good counter.

Over Bank Shot

Another type of strategy which you can use aside from the straight shot is the bank shot. The over bank shot is done if you are going to smash the puck to the wall for it to move from various angles.

This kind of shot is where you will hit the side of the wall which is close to your goal. It is also the more predictable type of bank shot simply because it will enable the opponent in seeing the puck coming. You can use this best for opponents that’s usually in an offense or you could also use it for your secret shot.

Though such tips are very basic, being able to master the basics helps you to become a master.

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