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Chilling Things Caught On Tape
Security cameras have a primary purpose of keeping businesses and homes safe by keeping criminals away. Still, that doesn’t mean that they are biased when it comes to recording, they go ahead to record anything that is within the vicinity. Frightening things could be recorded on some occasions. The following list shows some of the creepiest things ever caught on ADT business cameras.

Strange Clowns
Circuses and show grounds are common places where you expect to see clowns. Seeing them anywhere near your neighborhood only occurs once in a while when there are special occasions such as kids’ birthdays. Creepy clown videos were taken in different places around the world by ADT business security cameras. The clowns were seen going around in big groups while doing strange things. As time passed the clown cases became more common and scary especially when they started abducting children.

Unclothed Home Invader
Homes are called so since they offer a place where one can escape from the chaos of every day. A strange incident still went ahead to take place in Danielle Yancey’s house, the lady showed the public a recording that her ADT business and home security camera made of a stripped man intruding her home. Socks and a mask were the only things that the man had on him. This is a very creepy way to show up in someone else’s house, the only good thing is probably the fact that no harm came to Danielle’s way.

Cannibal in Miami
This recording was the most unnerving especially with regards to the fact that it occurred in the heart of Miami city. It means that anyone in the public could go through this experience. An individual by the name Eugene was caught on an ADT business security camera assaulting Poppa, a homeless man very violently and even went ahead to tear one of his eyeballs out. Eugene had a known history of drug abuse. Police came to the scene after more than ten minutes and saved the homeless man by shooting and killing the aggressive Eugene.

Unexplainable Vanishing Of Elissa Lam
Elissa Lam was a college student from Canada. The story behind her disappearance is the strangest among the ones recorded on ADT business security cams. She had gone to LA to spend some time there but the only problem was where she chose to spend that time; Cecil hotel that was very notorious for suicides and murder cases. The strange recording was taken on one fateful evening as the girl entered an elevator. The footage shows her pressing the elevator buttons, talking to some unknown person and then waving her hands. After doing all that she leaves the elevator but then was never seen alive. A few weeks later a hotel staff came across her decaying body in one of the water tanks in the hotel.

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