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The truth about Paris Catacombs
France is a famous tourist destination and over forty million people have visited the capital city in recent years. The most shocking part is that almost everyone wants to visit the City of Lights. It is essential to note that Paris has a very rich history in various things. Note that everyone wants to visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Palais Garnier. You need to know that you will never get bored when you visit this destination because there is so much to see. The best part is that Paris has something for everyone. Note that the Parisian catacombs have a lot of history and very many bones.

Be advised that you have to go to the Palasian catacombs early if you want to visit the place. Keep in mind that the catacombs normally open at ten in the morning but there are long lines by that time read more now. Note that you can wait in the line for two or four hours. You ought to note that not many people are allowed to get into the catacombs. It is crucial to keep in mind that the early birds are the ones who get to see the bones, and that is why you need to eat some good breakfast so that you can get the energy to queue up early in the morning.

When you walk around Paris, you will start to notice that most of the buildings are the same beige and grey colors check out this website for more. The main reason for this is the catacombs. Be advised that the catacombs were quarries before they started using them to keep remains. The most amazing part is that the limestone was used to build the city. You ought to note that popular landmarks in Paris were all built with limestone from the quarries view here. Be advised that when you come from your visit to the catacombs, you will see these buildings in an all new light view here!

You should not forget that the catacombs are quite old and a, lot of people can be found inside in one visit. It is essential to note that the Parisians protested that the cemeteries were overcrowded because they could smell the rotting bodies. This is why the decision was then made to use the former limestone quarries to store the bodies click here for more.

There are very many notable people who have been buried in Paris. Be advised that someone went to the catacombs to look for some secret liqueur but he never made it back. His remains were discovered eleven years afterwards.